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Are Acuvue Oasys Transition Contacts Right for You?

Transitions lenses often get mixed reviews, but what about transition contact lenses?

The newly announced Acuvue® Oasys contact lenses with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™ overcame significant technology hurdles by shrinking down rigid Transitions eyeglasses into a soft contact lens. In fact, these transition contact lenses were named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2018.

The only question is: are they right for you?

About Acuvue Oasys Transition Contacts

The new Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light to provide all-day soothing vision. So… how do they work?

  1. The two-week, daily-wear lenses contain an additive that reacts to different levels of UV light exposure.

  2. Depending on the exposure, the lens will have either a regular, transparent tint or a darkened tint.

  3. Lens can returns to a regular tint in normal or dark lighting conditions within 90 seconds.

  4. The photochromic lenses help eyes recover faster from bright sunlight with less squinting and reduce halos around bright light sources at night.

Although Acuvue Oasys transition lens quickly adapts to balance the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eye, including filtering blue light, they are not yet a replacement for sunglasses or UV-protecting eyewear. While the lenses do provide UV protection to the areas they cover, other parts of the eye are still exposed to UV light. Sunglasses should be worn to help protect the entire eye area whenever you're outside.

Why Wear Acuvue Oasys Transition Contacts

When compared to those who wore reusable contact lenses, researchers found that people who wore Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses had:

  • Faster photostress recovery (vision recovery after bright light exposure)

  • Less squinting on average

  • Improved chromatic contrast (when one color stands out more than another)

Since nearly two out of three people are bothered by light, Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses are a fantastic option for people who use compensating behaviors (such as squinting) to cope.

Are Transition Contacts Right for You?

Think your lifestyle might benefit from Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Oker at Eden Prairie Eye Care today at (952) 944-2792 or via the online platform.

Dr. Oker will review your options and discuss whether these new contact lenses are right for your vision. Don’t forget that by visiting an optometrist you’ll have the option to test contact lenses to make sure they are the best option for your lifestyle!


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