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Cataract Evaluations & 
Post Op Care

Did you know that difficulty with night driving and blurry vision in the senior population can be related to the development of cataracts? Our doctors at Eden Prairie Eye Care have a passion for discussing the progression of cataracts, your treatment options and even providing post operative care. In addition, our Clarifye Exam ℠ gives us the unique ability to be able to capture an image of certain types of cataracts and show you how they are affecting your sight. Click here to schedule an exam with our doctors and to discuss cataracts and their development in more detail.

Refractive Surgery Referrals 

Are you considering refractive surgery? Visit us at Eden Prairie Eye Care, and after completing your annual exam, we will be happy to discuss your options. Also, we will make recommendations for providers in the area specializing in refractive procedures. Upon completion of your surgery, our doctors at Eden Prairie Eye Care will continue to see you for your required annual exams to monitor your procedure and your ocular health! After all, just because you may see 20/20 doesn't guarantee that the eyes are healthy!