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Choosing the Correct Eyewear for Your Lifestyle

Nothing is more personal than selecting your eyewear. Glasses are a great way to reflect who you are as an individual. Are you fun and quirky? Professional and conservative? Stylishly sophisticated?

However, whatever your personality, everyone has different lifestyle needs. Finding the right eyewear to fit that lifestyle shouldn’t be a challenge.  

Here are some questions to consider when choosing the best glasses to fit your lifestyle.

How Active Are You?

Those who play sport and led active lifestyles should keep in mind two items when considering eyewear. Protection: When playing contact sports, such as basketball, or even non-contact sports, such as racquetball, you’ll need lenses to protect your eyes. A ball hurtling towards you at 90 mph or an elbow to the face can cause retinal detachments, fractured bones, and even blindness. Lenses more resistant to impact, such as polycarbonate lenses, offer greater protection and can even reduce 90% of all eye injuries.

Precision: Certain types of sport require certain types of lenses to optimize your vision. For example, UV lenses are ideal for baseball, soccer, and other outdoor sports. However, gray-brown colored lenses are great for helping golfers outline the course. Even sport-players who do not normally wear prescription lenses can benefit from non-prescription sports glasses. Talk to your optometrist today to see how active wear glasses can improve your performance! What’s Your Exposure to UV Rays?

Love to sunbathe on the beach, sail, or hike in the summer? Snowshoe in the winter? Chances are you already know about protecting your skin from UV rays. But what about your eyes?

The more time you spend outdoors in the sunlight, the more damage UV rays can cause to your eyes. UV radiation can cause the following eye problems:

  • Cataracts

  • Corneal Sunburn

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Skin Cancer Around the Eyelids

Children and young adults under the age of 20 are especially susceptible to the effects of UV rays. If you or your children are exposed to UV radiation for long periods of time, talk to your optometrist. They can tell you if polarized lenses or prescription sunglasses are right for you! Do You Need Speciality Glasses for Your Workplace?

Someone who spends the majority of their workday on a computer needs very different eyewear from someone who works outside or drives a truck.

Whatever your profession, the right pair of specialty eyeglasses will help succeed in the workplace. Examples of specialty prescription eyewear include:

  • Blue IQ Lenses: Also known as “computer glasses,” these lenses filter out blue light and reduce the glare from your screen. This puts less strain on your eyes, helps you squint less, and decreases eye fatigue. Blue IQ lenses are perfect for individuals who spend numerous hours in front of a screen, making you more comfortable and productive.

  • Transition Lenses: Transition or photochromic lenses are ideal for someone whose work takes them both indoors and outdoors frequently. LensCrafters offers Transitions® and Vantage® lenses that are light adaptive, clearing indoors and darkening with the outdoor light. Not only will this help protect your eyes from UV rays, transition lenses ensure that you see you best in all environments.

  • Anti-Reflective Lenses: Those who spend their days on the road are no strangers to the sun bouncing off the road and shining in their eyes. Studies show that glare is a major factor in road and automobile accidents. Anti-reflective lens coating reduces the amount of reflective glare. They also allow for more light to enter your eyes which improves your vision while driving at night.

One size does not fit all! Talk to your optometrist today to find the right eyewear for your professional needs.

Call Eden Prairie Eye Care Today!

Your eyewear can improve your everyday life! To ensure your look, feel, and perform your best, schedule an appointment with Dr. Oker at the Eden Prairie Eye Center today!

Once you have your prescription, the Eden Prairie Eye Care team will help you choose the perfect eyeglasses for your lifestyle needs. Schedule your appointment today by calling (952) 944-2792 or by completing our online form. We can’t wait to help you see your best!


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