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How to Avoid Foggy Glasses (While Wearing a Face Mask)

While face masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus, eyeglass wearers around the world are experiencing an irritating side-effect… Foggy lenses.

Face masks can cause glasses to fog up with every exhale. Although not a major issue, it can be quite annoying and even distracting.

So how can you avoid foggy glasses while still protecting yourself? Eden Prairie Eye Care has some tips!

Quick Fixes For Foggy Glasses

Everyone breathes out warm air. When you’re wearing a mask, this air is pushed out of the top of your mask, steaming up your glasses.

Here are a few quick and easy tips for preventing that warm air from condensing on glasses:

  1. Seal the Mask: This is a favorite trick among doctors! Place a piece of double-sided tape across the bridge of the nose before putting on the mask. This creates a better seal along the top of the mask, forcing your warm breath downward and avoiding foggy glasses.

  2. Anti-Fog Spray: Some chemical sprays stop moisture from collecting on your glasses. These sprays are used by swimmers to prevent foggy goggles during races. However, remember to speak to your eye care team before purchasing your spray. There are definitely chemicals you don’t want near your eyes or your lenses.

  3. Buy a Fitted Mask: Some masks come with a metal nose clip that allows the wearer to limit the amount of moisture that comes in or out of the mask. A snugly fitting mask can shoot that air out of the bottom or sides of the mask and away from your glasses.

Unfortunately, it looks like masks are here to stay for a while. These solutions, while simple, are good short-term fixes for foggy glasses. More long-term solutions require a few lifestyle and eyewear changes…

Long-Term Solutions for Foggy Glasses

If you’re an essential worker, then you’re probably in a position where you are required to wear a mask for eight or more hours a day. Maybe fitted masks aren’t comfortable or the tape is irritating your skin.

For you and others like you, here are two long-term solutions for foggy glasses:

  1. Switch to Contacts: You will need a comprehensive eye exam to safely make the switch from eyeglasses to contacts. An optometrist will be able to let you know if you have any eye conditions that disqualify you from contact lense us and instruct you in proper lens care and wearing habits.

  2. Invest in Anti-Fog Glasses: Certain eyeglass lenses can come with an anti-fog coating. This coating can be applied to plastic, polycarbonate, high-index lenses, and transition lenses. The anti-fog coating is applied to the lenses before they are cut to frame, so you would need to reorder your prescription from your eye doctor.

To find out if either of these options are right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Oker at Eden Prairie Eye Care today! She and her staff can review your medical and vision history to recommend the next step.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

If you are struggling with foggy glasses, contact Dr. Oker at Eden Prairie Eye Care for a professional consultation. She and the Eden Prairie Eye Care team will help you make an informed decision that’s right for you.

To schedule your appointment, visit submit a request online or call Eden Prairie Eye Care directly at (952) 944-2792. Dr. Oker will make sure you have the information you need to take your next step!


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