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How to Combat Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is destroying your vision.

Thanks to the advent of new technologies, average Americans are spending over seven hours a day in front of a screen. This includes:

  • ​Computer screens

  • Cell phones

  • E-readers

  • Tablets

​Prolonged use of digital screens has led to a number of individuals experiencing vision problems and eye discomfort. Computer Vision Syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, typically ends up being the culprit.

What is Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain occurs when you spend too much time focusing on screens up close.

As your eyes focus on objects within two feet, the muscles in the eye flex in order to focus the light correctly. Flexing your eyes for several hours day places extreme amounts on stress on the muscles. As a result, those muscles tire and the eye’s ability to focus properly decreases.

People with eye issues are more likely to experience Digital Eye Strain. However, this issue has become pervasive and it’s started to be considered the “new normal.”

The Impact of Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain affects more than 70% of Americans. These are people who experience vision problems and/or eye discomfort when viewing digital screens for extended periods of time. The greater the amount of digital screen use, the greater the level of discomfort.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain include:​

  • Dry eyes

  • Pain in the shoulder and neck

  • Blurred Vision

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Eye pain

This symptoms stem from:

  • Uncorrected vision problems

  • Improper sitting posture or viewing distances

  • The glare from the digital screen

Often times, these symptoms are temporary and stop after disconnecting from the digital world. However, if these issues continue after stopping computer work (and nothing is done to address the problem) the symptoms may worsen over time. Protecting Yourself from Digital Eye Strain

There are a few easy steps to take to protect yourself (and your vision) from Digital Eye Strain. These are: The 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break and look at an object 20 feet away.​Adjust Your Computer Settings: Adjust text size, brightness, and contrast for comfort. Your screen’s brightness should be the same as your workstation.Block Blue Light: Blue light has a short wavelength. Shorter wavelength colors cause more eye strain than longer hues, such as red or orange. You can reduce the temperature display on your screen or you can actually block the blue light by using lenses specifically formulated to filter out the blue light coming from digital devices. You can learn more about this new lens technology here.Get an Eye Exam: If you’re experiencing Digital Eye Strain, it might be a symptom of a larger vision issue. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam and tell your optometrist about your level of digital exposure. Using this information, your eye doctor will be able to advise you on treatment options.

Contact Eden Prairie Eye Care Today

If you’re one of the 70% if Americans suffering from Digital Eye Strain, contact us at Eden Prairie Eye Care. Our qualified staff will be able to diagnose your visual discomfort through a comprehensive eye exam and recommend solutions. One third of your day shouldn’t be spent in discomfort! Contact our office by calling 952-944-2792 or scheduling online. We’ll help you eliminate your Digital Eye Strain!


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