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How to Help Your Child Adjust To Glasses

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

For a child with vision issues, adjusting to glass can be difficult. They may worry about looking bad, teasing, inability to play sports, or just being different.

At Eden Prairie Eye Care, your child’s comfort is important to us. Here are some helpful tips for parents to help their child adjust to and love their glasses!

Make the Fitting Fun and Positive

Here are some suggestions for how you can make the fitting a fun and positive experience for your child:

Allow your child to pick the frames. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your child will wear them. Let them try on as many different styles and colors as they want!Make sure the glasses fit properly. Glasses should be comfortable, but not too loose. Do not buy glasses thinking your child will “grow into them.” Comfortable glasses help ensure your child will wear them. Be positive. Children thrive on the affection and approval of their parents. Make sure to point out how good the glasses look on them. Remind your child about their favorite celebrities or fictional characters who wear glasses. The initial approach of parents and optometrist staff can impact a child’s attitude significantly. One of the best things you can do is make sure your child receives their fitting in a warm, welcoming, and positive environment.

Associate Glasses With Enjoyable Experiences

Once the glasses ready, you have to ensure the child will actually wear them constantly. By associating glasses with enjoyable experiences, your child is more likely to want to wear them on a daily basis. Ways to make these associations include:

Showing your child photos of their heroes who wear glasses. These could be fictional or real, like a fireman or a beloved aunt. This allows them to associate glasses with people they admire and respect, helping them feel confident in their appearance. Don’t nag. If your child forgets to wear their glasses, don’t shout or make a scene. This surrounds their glasses with a negative connotation. Instead, instill a sense of ownership and responsibility.If your child is having difficulty adjusting to wearing glasses full-time, start them off by only wearing them for shorter periods. Shorter sessions allow your son or daughter to slowly adjust to their new vision and facial accessories. Linking these periods to something enjoyable, like watching television or playing games can also help!

Be Consistent and Set a Routine

Initially, your child will simply forgot to put their glasses on in the morning. Making this part of their routine is the easiest way to get them into that habit. Some routine building strategies are:

  • Make sure your child puts them on in the morning as they dress.

  • Always keep their glasses in the same place when they take them off.

  • Have your child remove glasses for naps and bedtime.

  • Contact your child’s teachers, so that they know when your child should be wearing glasses.

Remember, the more consistently your child wears their glasses, the easier it will be for him or her to accept them as part of their daily lives.

Keep Follow Up Appointments

Dr. Oker’s staff  has helped hundreds of children adjust to their first pair of glasses. At our clinic a trained LensCrafter’s ℠ staff member will assess each child’s fit, making sure their glasses are not too tight and won’t slip or slide.

We understand that glasses can be a big change for your child. Let our staff help your son or daughter navigate this step with ease and excitement.

Click here to schedule an appointment or contact our offices at (952) 944-2792.


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