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Three Reasons to Avoid Buy Glasses Online

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

​Thinking about buying your next pair of glasses online? Eye doctors have some concerns. While lower prices, more options, and convenience are strong incentives for online purchase, there are several factors to consider before choosing an online option.

1. Online Eye Tests Can’t Give You Accurate Measurements Without the in-person examination by an optometrist, most people end up buying glasses with the wrong prescription. Wearing incorrectly measured glasses can lead to the following:

EyestrainDouble visionHeadaches Some websites offer online vision tests. However, those not only lack the accuracy of a trained professional, but it’s practically impossible to measure your pupillary distance. Your pupillary distance, PD, is the space between your pupils. This measurement is vital to finding the optical center of your lenses, customizing the glasses for your eyes, and giving you the truest vision.

Taking this measurement isn’t something you can accurately perform in the mirror or with a friend. Optometrists go through special training to be able to measure that space, and even experienced eye professionals have trouble taking their own PD measurements.

A study published in the Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association showed:

●     Over one in five pairs of glasses bought online was incorrect upon delivery ●     28.6 percent of online glasses had at least one lens that contained the wrong prescription

Buying glasses online might save you a few dollars and a trip to the optometrist, but by purchasing these online you’re missing out on the professional measurement services required for an accurate prescription.

2. Difficulty Getting the Perfect Fit and Look

When you buy glasses from a licensed optometrist, you receive a personalized fitting. Sitting down in front of a mirror to try on various brands and frame shapes allows you to immediately know whether that product is right for you. Buying products online lacks this personal service. Simply uploading a selfie and superimposing frames isn’t realistic gauge of how a frame will fit your face. You need to be aware of your:

●     Face shape ●     Hair and eye color ●     Face width ●     Nose bridge ●     Distance from your temple to your ear ●     Skin tone

Choosing the perfect eyewear is an art and a science. Eden Prairie Eye Care and the team at LensCrafters can guide you through the selection process. By buying glasses online you miss out on professional expertise.  Don’t waste time and money on something that doesn’t make you love your look!   3. No Resources for Recognizing Signs of Eye Disease Your eye exam doesn’t just mean updating your prescription. It’s also an opportunity for the optometrist to check your eyes for signs of disease that online eye tests cannot recognize. This is especially important for those under the age of 18, who are still developing visually, and people over the age of 40, who are at greater risk of eye disease. Online glasses websites cannot provide you with the check ups necessary for your health and well-being.

Don’t damage your vision, waste money, or sacrifice your health! Make an appointment with Dr. Oker at Eden Prairie Eye Care. She and her professional staff will make sure you leave their office with the right prescription glasses that best fit your face and personality. Call (952) 944-2792 to schedule your appointment today! We’ll do it carefully and get it right.


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