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Vision Care Technology and Eyewear Trends to Watch in the New Year

What are the hottest eyewear trends coming in 2020? What technology is going mainstream next year? Start your new year right by staying on top of the latest vision care technology and these eyewear trends…

2020 Vision Care Technology Trends

As we leave 2019 behind, there a several exciting vision technology trends to keep an “eye” on. Here’s what’s on the horizon for vision care technology in 2020:

  • Blue Light Technology: Computer glasses, or Blue IQ™, are a way to reduce eye strain, red eyes, blurred vision and other symptoms of digital eye strain. Blue IQ glasses have surged in popularity and are expected to experience continued growth in 2020.

  • Health Insights From your Eye Movements: A new company called RightEye, LLC is building a database that uses eye-tracking to develop insights into your vision health. This could help eye doctors diagnose neurological issues, which are anticipated to help bring about new treatment options and earlier interventions.

  • 3D Printed Corneas: Earlier in 2019, researchers from the University of Newcastle developed a 3D printed artificial cornea for the first time. It is estimated that nearly 10 million people worldwide require surgery to prevent corneal blindness. However, there are not nearly enough donors supplying transplantable corneas. 3D bioprinting could eliminate the need for these donors completely!

Whether you end up exploring the newest trends or you’re satisfied with the old standbys, keeping up with your vision care is always worthwhile. Especially with these innovative breakthroughs!

Eyewear Trends in 2020

Eyewear fashion trends are always going to have an impact on our community. After all, we all want to look our best. In 2020, fashion trends are moving towards frames with more depth and facets edged into the details of each pair of glasses.

Frame colors that will give your eyewear the added depth and fashionable look for 2020 include:

  • Crystal: Flat, crystal colors became popular in 2019, but 2020 is expected to add a fun twist. A splash of color is being added to those crystal glasses including browns, purples, reds, greys, greens, and more!

  • Purple and Red: Eye-popping colors are gaining traction for 2020 eyewear styles. These frame colors are more vibrant - combining several other colors to create a marbling effect or are an update to the once-popular crystal eyeglasses.

For specialist knowledge in retail, fashion, optics, and professionally fitted eyewear, contact your local optician at Eden Prairie Eye Care. Find a customized frame that will fit your face while giving you a fashionable look in 2020!

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