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What Are Computer Glasses?

After a long day in front of the computer, do your eyes feel itchy and irritated? That’s because working in front of a screen for long periods of time causes what’s known as computer vision syndrome aka digital eye strain.

Unfortunately, in today’s technological world, many jobs require long periods of computer, smartphone, and tablet work. Computer glasses, or Blue IQ™, are a way to reduce eye strain, red eyes, blurred vision and other symptoms of digital eye strain.

What Is Blue IQ™?

Unlike regular or reading glasses, Blue IQ™ computer lenses decrease eye strain associated with too much time spent staring into a computer screen. Blue IQ™ prescription lenses accomplish this with a special shielding technology that filters out blue light.  

Overexposure to blue light can lead to:

  • Dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision

  • Macular degeneration

  • Disruption of your sleep cycle

  • Double vision and dizziness

On average, a person spends at least 8 hours of the day in front of a computer screen. Blue IQ™ lenses help block the glare from computers screens and blue light bouncing of other devices.

If you find yourself becoming accustomed to vision-related problems at the end of the workday, it might be time to speak with your optometrist about these special blue light filtering lenses.

Types of Blue Light Filtering Lenses:

Several different lenses are offered with Blue IQ™ computer glasses. These include:

  • Single Vision: These are the most common type of prescription lenses. “Single Vision” means that the lens is one power from edge to edge. These are used to correct common vision issues, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.

  • Multifocal: Multifocal lenses provide 2-3 focal points in a single lens to enable you to see close up and far away without changing your glasses.

  • Plano: Plano refers to lenses with no vision correction. Most of the time, plano lenses come with tints or anti-reflective coating to help with eye strain.

It’s important to consult your optometrist to determine which type of lens best suits your needs.

Why Wear Computer Glasses

A study by the Vision Council states that more than 65% of Americans suffer from some form of digital eye strain. Investing in a pair of Blue IQ™ computer glasses can greatly improve your quality of life. Computer glasses help:

  • Reduce glare: The special coating on Blue IQ™ refracts light from your digital screen, which reduces glare. This means your eyes won't have to work as hard to adjust between the light areas of the screen.

  • Increase Productivity: A pair of Blue IQ™ computer glasses can eliminate the eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision associated with digital eye strain. This leaves you able to focus comfortably on your work, increasing your productivity.

  • Posture: In order to read the screen better, some of us peer over our glasses or hunch. This can cause strain on your back and neck. Computer glasses eliminated the need to compensate for less than perfect mid-range vision, improving your posture, and reducing the pains associated with digital eye strain.

Discover If Blue IQIs Right For You

Most people have grown used to their eyes feeling irritated and tired at the end of the day. But just because something is normal doesn’t mean that it’s okay. Let Dr. Oker work with you to help your eyes feel better!

Call Eden Prairie Eye Care at (952) 944-2792 or schedule your appointment with Dr. Oker online.


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